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March 2018

Numbers to remember

Safety is our number one objective and we want to continually help you with any and every type of safety information!

Our #safetytip for today might seem simple, but this can save you in a time of need! Here are three NUMBERS to REMEMBER!

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February 2018

CNI Security App

Did you know that we offer our clients a FREE security app through which you can arm & disarm your alarm, when you sign up with #CNISecurity?*

Don’t settle for anything less than the latest & best security solutions out there. Pop us a Facebook message and we’ll send you a quote!

#CNISecrutiy #SecuritySolutions #SecurityApp #AlarmInstallation

*T’s & C’s:
> Our CNI App requires a GSM radio for full functionality;
> Sim and Data charges apply for the use of the app;
> For the use of visual verification, installation applies;

January 2018

Stay safe in 2018 with our top 5 personal #SafetyTips!

Something to share far and wide today – Stay safe in 2018 with our top 5 personal #SafetyTips!

#1 Always “buddy-up” when walking at dawn or in the dark!
#2 Do not overshare your daily plans / route / location on social media!
#3 Do not open your handbag or wallet in public spaces!
#4 Be aware of your surroundings and don’t get distracted by your cellphone!
#5 Trust your gut! If something doesn’t feel right, rather be safe than sorry – call us!

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